Saturday, June 21, 2014

iPhone Viedo, my first! You tell me: fun or fail!!

Hi All,

I'm back and trying my hand at videos!  The one I'm posting is a super mini tutorial of a counting book I made for a friends son.  I was so nervous even though I was alone in my craft room!  I hope you all enjoy it and I'll be sure to post the "recipe" for the book as soon as I successful load it on here!  Thanks for stopping by!!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm the worst blogger in the history of blogging....

I have to admit, I sense a reoccurring theme on my blog.  I can't believe it has been over a year since I had a post!  So much has happened since last October....but no real excuses, except that I chose to not make time to blog.  Maybe because I feel I don't have enough followers to miss me, but that is unfair to those faithful few who do, so with that I apologize.  I'm 46 days away from my wedding and now in graduate school getting my MBA, so I cannot promise that I will be on here regularly, but I can promise to try and make blogging a priority by setting aside some time every month to at least post some fresh material :-)

So why choose now to blog?? Well, I recently made some Lawn Fawn purchases and have been dying to try the stamps/lawn cuts out with my copics (markers for those who might not know) and Wa-La, a fun Thanksgiving card was the end result. I wanted to make a card for my near future Mother-In_Law and my Aunt who always hosts Thanksgiving so I started playing around with the the stamp set "Into the Woods" and my copics....needless to say I was addicted in 0.5sec.  The stamps and cuts are too cute and I just loved my end result.  It is a simple card to say a simple thanks...hope you enjoy!  Don't forget to check out to find some other really fun stamp sets with coordinating die cuts, guarantee you will not be disappointed.

I just have to sneak in a couple pics of the awesome bridal shower my girls threw me back in September....I loved every minute of it, it was amazing.  The "theme" was perfect chemistry!  I loved it, I felt so blessed!

 My sisters and me....