Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day #1

I'm technologically challenged but wanted to create a space where I could come and share some of the crafty tips I've learned of the past 6months.  As my title implies, I'm an accidental crafter.  I started by journey into crafting approximately 7years ago.  It was then I decided I would try my hand at scarpbooking and make my sister's move to Chicago immortalized via my art.  I was not prepared for what unfolded after the initial conception of my ingenious idea.  I have never scrapped in my life nor have I been artsy.  I once tried to paint an orchid for a seventh grade art class assignment and even though my mother was supportive, it was a complete disaster.  Oh well, that was then and this was now and I was determined to have this be a success.  Long story short the couple of pages I did create were amateur at best however, I discovered I really liked scrapping.  At that time I only had some single sheets of card stock and decorative scissors but what I made I was proud of and excited for what was in store for my future crafting projects.  It took me seven years but now I own a Cricut machine and some general cartridges ready to rock the craft world.  Ambitions set high and hope soaring, I'm about to embark on my craft journey.  If you're "man" enough buckle's bound to be a bumpy ride.  Road stop #1 the Pink Stamper (check out her website/blog, she is amazing) National Scrapbook Day Challenges!!!

My cupcake submission for Challenge #1 on The Pink Stamper goddaughters birthday was the perfect occasion for me to use my Wild Card Cricut cartridge and even more exciting b/c I could do double duty and use the cupcake option to submit for this challenge :)  Happy Scrapping!!!